Nov. 1

Today was our last day at the project. We had a great day full of fun! In the morning, we had the wonderful opportunity to have a "Fun Day," where only our sponsor children came to the project, and we were able to play with them as a group and one by one for several hours. By lunch time, even the shyest of our kids were holding our hands and going for piggy back rides. We played badminton, soccer, cricket, and basketball. We went on the playground and tickled the kids as they slid down the slides, pushed them high on the swings, and twirled them fast on the merry-go-round. We blew up balloons for them, blowed bubbles, and colored pretty pictures for each other. It was an incredible time of bonding which we will always treasure.

In the afternoon, all the project assembled, and it was more time of playing with all the children, and of course, serving of the evening meal. After the children finished their meal, the project did an ending ceremony for us that involved Hindi and Boro dances and singing. It was incredibly beautiful! At the end, the staff blessed each of us with a traditional Indian garment, which we instantly put on and then together with the staff and children, we danced, and we danced, and we danced! We didn't want to say goodbye, but eventually, with many a tear falling, we hugged our sponsor and project children, Compassion staff, and Covenant Family pastors goodbye. The pastors kept telling us how our visit encouraged and uplifted them, but we feel like they encouraged and uplifted us as well! These people have so much passion for not only the project, but for God. You can hear the passion when they speak, and when they pray. We are inspired to live our lives with that same kind of passion.

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