Oct. 30

What an incredible day of service we had with Compassion and our partner church, Covenant Family. We started the morning with a prayer walk through the villave surrounding the church. Along with our team of 18, the Compassion staff and the pastors of Covenant Family joined us in the walk. There was probably about 35 people who went on the prayer walk.

It was a peaceful time of silence as we walked around the village inwardly praying for the people of India and most specifically for the people who resided in the homes we walked past. These are the people who live the closest to the Compassion project site and church so we prayed for their safety, for their health, and most importantly that they would com eto understand the need for the saving love of Jesus Christ.

When we returned, we had the opportunity to do some work service for the project. Some of us helpeed prepare the evening meal for the children.

Every day, the project prepares meals for 350 children. As you can imagine, that is a lot of food to prepare on a daily basis. For many of the, this may be the only meal for the day. What a joy it is after preparing the meal to see the children's smiling faces as they come up with their plates to be served.

In addition to providing meals, Compassion also offers awareness programs and parent meetings to discuss and provide trainingn on proper hygiene, character development, or counseling on how to be a good parent. What Compasion does on a day-to-day basis for these children is truly a loabor of love, and we are blessed to be a part of it!

For those of us not preparing food, we painted! Some painted the walls of the classrooms. They were white before we started, and now they are a cheery yellow with a red stripe at the bottom. And some of us painted a scripture on the wall of the playground in both English and Bengali.

Luckily, the words were already written on the wall in Bengali, so we just needed to trace over it with paint. The site of some Americans painting a wall certainly attracted some attention, and it was uplifiting to hear the locals laugh as we struggled through the Bengali, knowing which stray marks were actually part of the word and which marks were actually part of the word and which that were simply stray marks. SOme locals were even kind enough to help us determine the difference. And apparently some of us couldn't keep the paint on the wall. Chris asked Pro to write the word Jesus in Bengali on his shirt.

In the afternoon, we were able to visit some of our sponsor children in their homes. As we've mentioned before, this is a very emotional time for us, and sometimes even for the parents of the sponsor child. Mahy of us have ssen a parent or a grandparent sob as they tell us how much they appreciate our commitment to helping their child. For many of these families, the primary provider is a day laborer, working outside in some sort of craft. During the monsoon months of July-September, they often cannot work, meaning that the family literally has no money for food. Having their child attend the project, assures that he or she will receive at least one hearty meal a day. for the parent who is struggling so hard to provide for his or her family, that knowledge that their chidl will still eat during the times of no work, relieves their spirit and fills them with gratitude and joy.

The project does so much more than food. The biggest benefit to the child is that they learn how to love Jesus. The child is given sound Biblical teaching, and often the child commits his or her life to Christ even though their family may practice another religion. The child comes home and tells the family about Jesus and through their witness and through their improvement and the kind help the Compassion staff gives them, they also will commit their lives to Jesus. Compassion's mission is to care for the child's physical and spirtual needs, but that doesn't stay in the project. What they do goes home with the child and impact the family as well. Through the child, Compassion brings families to God.

I want so badly to add pictures to show you the activities, but we are having difficulties doing that right now. For now, words will have to do, and I will try to load pictures as soon as I can. Blessings to you at home!

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