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It is very early Tuesday morning and this guest blogger is most excited to tell you about the team's day. It was beyond picture perfect moments filled with excitement and God's goodness.

Today the team headed for the project site and spent the morning with the children. They were hard at their studies when we arrived and soon we moved on to serving them lunch. Another group took individual photos of the children as a gift for them and their family.  The remaining time was spent playing with the kids and enjoying the joy in their faces.

This afternoon started our home visits to our Compassion Sponsor Children. As we shared through prayer and our team meeting tonight, it was a most unexplainable moment for many of us.  Each of us spent time learning about our child's family, meeting the neighbors, sharing our family photos and crying at the sheer sight of the  precious child God had placed before us. The time in the child's home was surreal and put into perspective what impact Compassion and their vision has on their children, our children.  It was so amazing to see how our children have taught their parents and neighbors about Christ. There are no words that articulate the feeling in your heart when  20-30 people greet you and seek to know you because of your connection and impact you have made on a child that lives almost 8,000 miles away. We had no desire in the least to leave our sponsor children's homes and felt as though we could have stayed all day. For myself, I was most honored when the grandfather asked for one thing and that was for me to pray over them. It is one of the most humbling moments of your life. God's presences was as heavy as the Wisconsin snow. It was simply unreal.

After our home visits we were honored when asked to travel to 2 of Covenant Family Church's plant churches. One church  attended was at the base of the Himalayan Mountains and set in the middle of a tea garden. The garden was huge and harvested daily by workers who use scissors to cut off the tea leaves for preparation.  We were greeted and asked to dance with the women. The spirit of these people is contagious and one would be a fool not to embrace it. We worshiped together and several team members gave their testimonies.Graciously they donated their offering to Pastor Brian. Brian preached a short message about having an open heart to God and gave a gospel presentation. Pastor Rajib did an alter call and seven came forward and gave their lives to Christ. As a team we laid hands on them and prayed for their new journey as they too prayed. It seemed as though our words all made perfect sense.

It was hard to leave the people of the church and the fellowship was heart warming.  They are very invested in their church and Pastor James is a humble man.  We had to leave early to avoid any elephant stampedes. It was a most perfect way to end our day in the community, praising God.

Lastly, on behalf of the team, I would like to thank all of you for your prayers. It is crazy to think that it is day six already. There is not a day that goes by that we are not grateful for the continued prayers from you all back home. Dhonyobad--KJ and the team.


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