Oct. 28

Today we got to spend the day with our partner church Covenant Family located in Samuktala. What an incredible experience of two cultures joining together worshiping one God. We were greeted at the foot of the driveway by drums and a lovely progression of dance and song as we walked to the church. We joined them for the church service where worship was sung both in Bengali and in English. It was incredible to hear both languages singing at the same time, united in our love for the one true God. Pastor Rajib preached the sermon on Luke 5 in English and it was translated into Bengali. We also had the opportunity to watch the children in Sunday School sing and dance worship songs. Afterwards, we had a few hours to visit with our brothers and sisters and to play with the children. We brought some stamps and bubbles along and the children flocked around us, popping the bubbles, laughing, and asking to take pictures with us. A highlight for many of us was that we were able to see some of our sponsor children!  What a joy to visit these precious people! Tomorrow, we will start our home visits to our sponsor children. We are excited and blessed to visit with them in their homes.

Later, we also were able to take part in the graduation ceremony of a group of 12 youths who completed a discipleship class. To see these 12 young men and women so passionate for Christ as they sang worship songs, prayed in their native language, and gave their testimonies, uplifted our spirits and encouraged us. Pastor Jordan gave a short sermon encouraging the youth  to continue in their Christian walk. He gave them a bobber to remind them that they have been "caught" by God, and now they also need to be fishers of men. To end the ceremony, our team and the members of Covenant Family prayed over these youth at the same time all in our native languages. It was powerful and moving!

Tonight after dinner, we heard some loud music outside our hotel. Outside, there was a giant parade of floats, lights, drums, and dancers through the streets. The parade was for the puja, a Hindu festival celebrating the goddess Durga. After the parade, they will travel to the river and submerge the statue of the goddess into the river. It was fascinating to see the crowds of people lining the streets, as this is a popular Indian festival (one in which people recieve holidays from school and work for), but it was also sad to see the people celebrating a dead image. It gives you a sense for how lost these people are. Pray for the people of India this week as they worship these gods and goddesses that do not exist. Pray that the people of India come to know the one true God, Jehovah.

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