This morning we walked through the areas outside the church for about an hour on a prayer walk.  Pastors Brian, Rajiv, and Pravir encouraged us with things that we could pray for as we walked silently through the villages.  We continue to get the stares that we have become accustomed to, but a quick "Namashkar" (Hello) always breaks down the curiosity and gets us a smile.

We prayed for freedom from the spiritual bondage of the religions and idols of this country, we prayed for release from the stronghold of poverty on the area, we prayed for release from the diseases that plague the people.  We prayed that the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ would increase and multiply the believers in Somuktala.

When we got back to Duars, the men built a badminton court in the play yard, while the Woodlands women met with the ladies from the community.  About 100 ladies showed up to hear Jane, Jane, Sarah, Sara, and Dara speak about their experience as a daughter of the King.  They shared their own personal testimonies, some principles from Proverbs 31, and some songs.  Then, the ladies shared a dance together.

All the ladies sandals on the steps of the church

All the women that attended this morning's meeting

After lunch, the remainder of the team got to go meet their sponsored children.  This was very special to us.  The families always welcome us warmly into our homes, and we pray that through the translator we are still able to communicate the love we share for them and their children, and encourage them in the great job they are doing parenting.  The impact of Compassion is far-reaching, beyond just the children in the project, and into their families.  When asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, one of the older sisters of a sponsored child shared that her goal was to be able to sponsor a child herself.  Wow.

We got to participate in the Compassion project again this afternoon.  The new thing today was they began the monthly distribution of hygiene supplies.  Each child received some laundry soap, bar soap, hair oil, and toothpaste.  What we were amazed at was Compassion's precise method of having each child sign for receiving the items - to make sure that every supply is accounted for.  You can be assured - every dollar - every penny - that we send to Compassion is well spent.

On our way back to our hotel tonight, one of the cars got a flat tire.  We watched as the drivers changed the tire in about 5 minutes flat.  Please pray for the three young men that have been driving us around all week.  We intend to give them a Bengali New Testament tomorrow or Saturday.  They have slowly warmed up to what we've been doing, and at least one of them was listening intently when we were doing the "street evangelism" yesterday.  Pray that their hearts would be softened and ready to hear the gospel.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  We know that they are working.  No one has gotten sick, God has stretched our faith to new boundaries, we have made amazing relationships despite the cultural differences.  It's amazing how the bond of brotherhood/sisterhood in Jesus Christ creates a relationship with people half-way around the world.

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