Wednesday started out by splitting into two groups and doing "street evangelism" with the pastors.  Even after several explanations from Pastors Rajiv and Pravir, we still weren't exactly clear what this would look like.  Several in our group were to share their story - their testimonies - and include the Four Spiritual Laws into their story.  We've been OK doing children's ministry, but it was a stretch of faith for many of us to get in front of that many adults and speak.

Well, it turned out that some of the members of the church had simply invited their neighbors over to their house to come hear what the Americans had to say.  One group had about 50 people, the other had about 100 people.  We sang them some songs in English, and then preached, shared our testimonies, and sang some more.  Then the pastors gave an invitation to the people who came.  At one of the groups, 8 individuals made first-time decisions to follow Christ!

In the afternoon, we led the opening ceremony at the project by doing a "trust fall."  Andrew stood on top of a chair, on top of a table, and the group caught him.  But it was with much pomp and circumstance, and the children loved it.  I think they will always have this image of trust burned into their memories.

Afterwards, when the children split up into their classes, each team member taught one of the classes for an hour.  We had each prepared our own object lesson or bible story that we shared, and then we led them through making a Salvation bracelet that they got to take home!

As we were teaching, the rain began to fall.  It's interesting, because February is the dry season; but in the summer, it can rain solid for many days in a row.  It was interesting to see how well the staff took it in stride, and we were able to laugh with them as we served dinner to the children in the pouring rain.  Everyone pitched in, even the older children, to server the younger children, all packed into the covered classrooms.  It was a wonderful, bonding experience, and just a taste of what they have to do in the rainy season.  They always make sure that the children get a meal, even if the weather doesn't allow them to do anything else.

Everyone has finally gotten fully adjusted to the time and the food.  We miss home, we miss our families, but we love the new friends we have made.  We know the staff and some of the children by name now, and share smiles with them every day.

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