Tuesday we spent serving the project through painting, and building.  The program is expanding to be able to help more children, and they need more classroom space!  So we had to learn quickly the art of Indian brick-laying, and helped create the new rooms.  We also worked on painting some parts of the newly-created playground.

Pastors Rajiv and Pravir make sure our wall is plumb.
Sara and Jane paint the gate to the playground.
Doug also opened the Compassion program this afternoon, with a great song he wrote himself last night when he couldn't sleep.  He patiently taught the children to sing the song in English.

We've already made so many friends here, and we feel so welcome and so blessed to be able to witness, and be part of, this miracle that God is doing here in India.  We miss the comforts (and cheeseburgers) of home, we miss our families, and we miss the quiet streets of Stevens Point.  But we are continuing to be blown away by all that God is doing here.

Please pray for our team, as we are doing some community evangelism tomorrow, where several team members are preaching and giving testimonies in the communities (with a translator, of course).  We are also opening the compassion program, and doing the teaching in all of the classrooms.  A lot to get ready for!  There is so much spiritual darkness in the villages here - so many idols everywhere we look.  Please pray that God would demolish the strongholds in these people, and open their heart to the gospel as we share the good news tomorrow.

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