What are some of the reasons people become One-to-One Caregivers?

Generally, One-to-One Caregivers want to help others in need and are attracted to the idea of one-on-one ministry.  Some mention the privilege it is to help people who are struggling.  Others have said, "This is really ministry".

 I'm not sure I have what it takes.

As you can imagine, One-to-One Care Ministry takes patience, wisdom, mercy and compassion.  God can further develop your gifts through the training you will receive.  When you will out your application, you will have an opportunity to explain why you are interested in One-to-One Care Ministry.  One-to-One Caregivers feel called to help others and are willing to commit to training and ongoing peer group supervision.

What is training like?

One-to-One Care Ministry is a service of Stephen Ministry and you will be trained using the international Stephen Ministry organization's training series.  Stephen Ministry International Website

During training, you spend a few hours a week preparing for and attending the training sessions held once a week.  Training generally is from late September through March.  You will read background materials on a variety of helpful topics such as listening, confidentiality, distinctly Christian care, grief and depression.  You will hear lectures from experienced One-to-One Caregivers and have the opportunity to role play various caring situations.  Most people who have gone through the training find it deeply enriches their relationship with God and also teaches valuable skills that strengthen their friendships and family relationships.

What exactly am I committing to?

After training and commissioning, when you begin serving, you spend one or two hours a week with care receivers and attend peer group supervision and support meetings twice a month.  We ask One-to-One Caregivers to commit to serving for two years, but many choose to serve longer.

What kind of situations do One-to-One Caregivers care for?

One-to-One Caregiver's relationships may include difficulties in:

◦ Grief and loss
◦ Hospitalization
◦ Divorce or separation    
◦ Spiritual crisis
◦ Dying
◦ Terminal illness
◦ Incarceration
◦ Aging   
◦ Disability
◦ Birth, adoption, miscarriage or infertility
◦ Parenting issues
◦ A chronic illness
◦ Relocation
◦ Recovery after an accident or disaster
◦ Difficult transitions
◦ A job in crisis or unemployment


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