Language translation can really be a challenge sometimes and we learned that again today (see the title of this blog.  Actual response to a question we got today.  We even asked to confirm 3 times)

We now have 1 house nearly complete and the second house is about 3/4 done.  We are making good progress and learning the lessons of patience and really trying to see why God has us here.  We have thought it was to build a house, but it sure seems that is may be for something other than that.  At our team time tonight we sang Open the Eyes of my Heart as a prayer for the rest of the week.  Please pray that we continue to seek what God has in store for us!

This is a shorter update as we have very limited time on the computer right now.  Know that our remaining two bags showed up (nice work prayer warriors!), everyone is healthy, and we are getting along really nicely.  Lots of love and laughter!

Prayer Requests:

1.  Focus on the work God has for us, not our agenda.  As a team we are really praying about this right now, in a very good and healthy way.

2.  If there is work besides the 2 homes we can help with, that we would find it and jump right in.

3.  The work of the Baptist Haiti Mission.  It is a huge organization in a challenging place.

4.  That children in Haiti would be sponsored to go to school.  BHM has a sponsorship program.  Check it out!

Will try to write more tomorrow.  Thanks for your prayers!

Woodlands Haiti Team

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