Great first day on the job site.  We all learned  a lot about working hierarchy in Haiti and became quite familiar with the concept of the Boss man in charge.  Our team was split in 3 with 7 going to one site, 7 to another, and our lone skilled electrician wiring a rebuilt house at the mission compound.  We had the pleasure of about a 45 minute ride in the back end of flat bed truck, which surprisingly works best standing up and holding on while trying not to look ahead out of fear of what may be coming at you!

Each team nearly finished the block wall construction of each home and we met some great Haitian masons that helped us along in learning the process of being a “Haitian Mason”.  Tomorrow our hosts are taking us to a local market to shop in the morning before continuing our work which will involve thin coating walls we built today.

Fortunately we received some of our bags today although we are still missing two.  That's kind of done being funny now because underwear only last so long.  Pray for our team members missing bags, please?  Please, seriously, no slacking on this one.

Things we learned we today:

1.You can be a boss of many things, choose wisely

2.44 kilograms is not the same as 44 pounds.  If you are mathematically challenged that's about 100 pounds....on your back.....down a mountain.....both the snow.

3.Dinner is at 6, not 6:15.  Call us what you want, but don't call us late for dinner anymore.  Not cool if you are a guest of someone making you dinner.

4.Haitians don't understand German, even though DuWayne seems to think so.

5.Apparently when you are told to not bring tools, you should.

6.Centipedes will bite your toes in the dark and if you would like to avoid them, stay near to Lisa. She will kill them dead, in the dark, under your bed.

7.You can't get clean in a bucket shower

Things to pray for:

1.We need 2 more bags.  Please pray we get them

2.Pray for the families receiving the homes.  That our work would be a testament to God, not to us.

3.Pray for our families at home.  Communicating is difficult and it is hard on them for all of us to be gone.

4.Continued good health for the team

Woodlands Haiti Team

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