Haiti is a very populated country.  The streets are very colorful with the colors people wear, and signs.  The streets are very crowded and by our standards very chaotic.  Doug Galuk would love driving here, but I am glad we had a very experienced Haitian driver to take us from the airport to the Mission.  Most of the trip was uphill on very narrow roads.  The houses are built right up the steep hillsides just like they are in Peru.  For those of you who have not been to peru inagine houses built on the same slope as the tobogan run at Iverson park.  Really it is that steep.  You wonder how the houses can stay on the hills let alone how people get things to and from them.

Most of us went for a hike today, down about 1000' then back up it.  We went to see a waterfall, and it was very pretty.  But a vertical hike down then just as far back up.  I was sucking some serious wind along the way.  I am clearly not in Matt's pre iron man condition.

Today we got a chance to see a part of the mission compound, and meet the people who work here.   They are a dedicated group of missionaries who have a great organization.  It will be fun getting to know them this week.

We still do not have most of our baggage.  It will get interesting tomorrow if we still do not get it.  You can only reuse one set of clothes so long.  Plus many things we intended to use on the project were in our bags.  Prayer for our luggage would be appreciated.

So far the team has been very supportive of each other.  We have shared what few supplies we have with the limited luggage we got thru.  But it would be a lot easier with the things we packed.


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