We have arrived at the Baptist Haiti Mission and have been welcomed with open arms!  Unfortunately, we are missing 12 pieces of luggage, many of which have team members gear for the week.  On the fortunate side, we have a great team and it is pretty hilarious to think about wearing the same clothes all week.

We made it in time to be late for church, but we did have the opportunity to share communion with the Fermathe Church and catch the sermon, at least we think it was the sermon.  That language thing is difficult for most of us, but Gordon gave us the Cliff's notes version following the service.

After church, we had a great lunch and many of the team went on a hike down the mountain, through the valley to a great waterfall ending.  The hike ended approximately 1000 ft below us, and yepper, we climbed back up.

This evening we joined the missionaries here for bible study and worship time.  We also learned that we have a closet piano player among us.  The recruiting pressure for worship team back home will be intense!

Things we learned today:

1. You really only need one change of clothes

2. You can get semi clean with 1 gallon of cool water in a bucket, as long as you have a coffee mug to splash the water over your head with.

3. Wet shoes still smell bad

4. Piano music is wonderful especially when you didn't know someone can play

Prayer requests:

1.  That at long last our baggage would arrive. We are currently missing 12 bags

2.  That our work that begins tomorrow would be a blessing to the families we serve and would point people back to the mission

3.  That our families back home are doing well and persevering while we are away

Thanks for your prayer and reading.  You are a blessing to us all!

Bon Swa

Woodlands Haiti Team

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