We had a rich day of God sightings as we dedicated both homes that we completed while here.  Please ask any team member about the story of Rosita.  It is a God sighting on huge proportions and reduced most of us to tears!  We also had a chance to travel to a mission school where 7 team members have sponsored children through the BHM sponsorship program!  Unfortunately only 2 of the 7 students made it to school today as the road has been significantly damaged by the rain.  In fact, we got there by a 45 minute ATV ride.  Pretty fun experience.

Our team has been nothing short of phenomenal under sometimes trying and always tired circumstances.  From the outside you have never know it and the Kingdom has been advanced in Haiti.  God is moving in Haiti and it is not a lost cause.  Not even close.  This is a country of warm people, who work hard and have a desire to better their circumstance.  The spreading of the Gospel will be the change this country needs to advance.  We are honored to have been a small part of that.

We are leaving the mission early tomorrow and will return late Saturday night.  We are short on time tonight as we prepare to leave, however we will try to update again when stateside tomorrow.

Please pray:

1.  On time flights and smooth travel.  Most of the team is ready to come home and be with family.  It has been a difficult trip (in a great way!), tiring and spiritually full of excitement.  Something more familiar will be a welcome sight.

2.  Pray for the families that received homes.  Pray that those homes would be an open door for the gospel to be spread and a light for others to see the power of Christ.

Thanks for you support, we love and appreciate all of you reading!

Woodlands Haiti Team

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