What a terrific day!  Yesterday we decided that we would ask the folks at the mission about dividing up our team to use us more effectively.  So, we divided into 4 teams today.  2 went back to the two homes we started with (which are now nearly finished), one team stayed at the mission and wired a house and fixed a number of things that were in need of repair and the fourth team went to start a third house.

We all stayed busy all day and we even had 6 buckets of warm water for bucket showers tonight!  Never did any of us think we would look forward to a bucket of warm water.  Lots of tired people today, but we are all in good spirits.  Everyone is healthy outside of a number of bumps, bruises scrapes and scratches.

Today we had a chance to celebrate Michael Becker's birthday, listen to a great message during morning devotions, had a great team building exercise moving a truck full of sand by bucket brigade and hopefully we were all lights for Christ.

What have we learned in the last 2 days:

  1. If you have plans, forget them, they don't matter

  2. Bodily functions are funny, especially “Boom, Boom”

  3. Asians are viewed as a kung fu fighters in Haiti, ask David

  4. Hatians want to talk to you about themselves.  Just ask

  5. Motorcycles are at least 3 person vehicles, and 5 is ok

  6. Motorcycles are also utility vehicles for transporting rebar

  7. A large generator in a small room will produce enough heat to make hot water by days end

  8. Dumping half a bag of cement on your head is good for your complexion

  9. Take off your baseball hat before carrying block on your head.  Try it once, you'll see why.

10. Haitians know how to sing “Happy Birthday” in English.  Really sweet....

11.  The Boss Man in the white shirt does actually work sometimes

Prayer Requests:

1.Our team is in great spirits but really tired.  All 11 guys are sleeping in a 20 x 20 room.  Imagine the smells & sounds.  The ladies are right next door and are experience the aftermath of the men's room as well.  Prayer would be great!

2.That the homes we are finishing will be a gift from God for the families receiving them.

3.Continued patience as we deal with the realities of cultural differences that continue to challenge us.

4.Continued good heatlh.

See you all soon.  Thanks for the prayers!

Woodlands Haiti Team


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