Hey everyone back home, its Sydni! This trip is awesome. I am having the time of my life I would say. It is so awesome to see all the children here and how incredibly different it is around here. The first day was really crazy! We went to a small village that is super poor and washed the little girls hair, and played with the childen, and helped feed them a meal. It was so humbleling to me! That night we played soccer with the kids of the church until 3:30 AM and had a bon fire. We were all so so tired after that 24 hour day!! Day number two, we got to sleep until 10, then went and played some more soccer:) That night we did youth group for the church. It went very well and we all had a geat time. Day three we got up super  early to go to a "water park" for a baptisum service. It was so hot but it was awesome that we got to spend the day at the park and the beach. The beach was so cool. It is not  the beach I know in Florida. The sand was black, the waves were huge and there were ashes from the volcano flying every where. We all go a little too much sun, even after putting on 50 spf multiple times throughout the day. Day four was quite awesome! We painted a mural  for the children at the soccer complex but that was not nearly as cool as home visits. Home visit  were so amazing and some what life changing for me. My group went to a house where the girl was only 15 and had been to drug rehab for a year. It was cool to hear her story and  help encourage her in her walk with Christ. Oh day five, it's been a long one! Today we climbed the moutain. It was so crazy. The view was awesome, but I would never do it again.  So far this trip has been amazing and super fun. I can't belive there are only a few days left. Its a bitter sweet feeling. I love all the people I have met here and  don't want to say good bye. It is so amazing how we all can still communicate even though there is a language barrier. So far I have been healthy and so has everyone else. God has truly been amazing! Keep on praying for us and the rest of our trip. I can't wait to share all the stories when I return. Love you all so much,


Hey Dumke fam Kate here! I just lost to Anna-Cherie in Cribbage and am kind of reeling from shock, but I'll try my hardest to focus and write something that's actually somewhat meaningful. Anyway, this week was pretty cool, actually pretty cool doesn't eve begin to cover it. The first day was just a total marathon, with hairwashing at El Yalu and then soccer, but I really loved it. I loved playing soccer, even though I sucked, and the hairwashing was really special in ways I just can't describe. The second day was a lil easier. The third day was fun too, we went to a guatemalan water park that was on the ocean. At first it was a baptism and it was super cool to watch everyone and how special it was to them (though I've never sweated so much in my life) and then it was hanging out and stuff.  The fourth day was so hard because so many of us had a  horrible burns (please pray for them), we cleaned up the land and painted on the wall by the playground (you'll see the pics), after that we did home visits. The home visits were fun, it was nice to share, our guatemalan counterparts made fun of me for saying "te amo" to them because apparently that's what you'd say to like your girlfriend or boyfriend. During the visits we played games and sang too.  Today I didn't go on the hike because of asthma but we finished the mural painting. I'm tired of writing. Keep praying for us please.


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