Hey family of sheibley’s!!! this is sam typing and i just wanted to tell you how we’re doing! No one has really gotten sick yet (except for Tim for a couple hours) and we’re all really optimistic about the upcoming days! it’s been awesome meeting all the little kids and all the ones who are about our same age! i can’t believe it but so far my spanish has actually come in handy! I’ve been able to use it pretty often and it’s a real blessing to be able to converse with them in their language. I hope you are all doing well and thank you for all of your support!  -Sam Hey Dishers at home!  The trip is going very great so far.  Yesterday was quite a long day of non-stop activities from washing elementary-age girls/boys hair in the tiny town of El Yalu.  It’s so strange because whatever kind of exercise we do(walking, running or very common: soccer) you have very short breath because of the altitude.  The humidity is crazy too.  Even though it was chilly last night, the humidity was very high.  My ears pop randomly because we are in the mountains.  And I know your wondering if I liked flying; well, I wasn’t a fan. haha Anyway, I feel great so far and the food is good.  I miss you guys and home soo much!!  Hope your well!  -April



Hey Church family and Berres family! So far the experiences I have had are incredible!  No one has really been too sick yet (knock on wood) and I have the chance to use a machete (oh yeah).  We played with the kids at Mono con Mono and that was a blast.  We played a ton of soccer last night and stayed up til 3am!  We are all a tad bit tired but still excited for the rest of the trip.  Thanks for yours prayers, God bless!     -Dane


Hey Kryshaks and my other peeps. This is Chris. We are having a blast here sharing the love of Jesus and attempting to speak spanish. We have been doing a variety of things that are fun and sometimes difficult. Overall this is an unbelievably amazing trip where we get opportunities to share the love of Jesus and make the kids so happy. Gladly I haven’t gotten sick at all. Thank you for everything! God bless you guys!    -Chris


Hey Ms. Malone and Scott and Kids, I have been having a blast!!! Everything here is absolutely beautiful! The culture is great and spreading the love of Jesus is absolutely amazing. The hills here are crazy huge its made me realize how out of shape I really am . I hope everything is going great at home and I’m sending my hugs and kisses to all of you. So far the weather has been very bearable. Its been warm but had a breeze so not too hot at all. My spanish definitely isn’t the best but I can at least keep up a good conversation. I can’t wait to come home and share all of the great stories with all of you and show how God can change anyone. I love you and thank you for all the support you always give me. Hope God is working with you at home.    -Abby


Hey French family! :) I just wanted to let you guys know that I am well and healthy... but keep praying for health!! I’m in a room with Abby and Hannah, and we’ve had something go wrong each day, so I have lots of fun stories for you. Tonight we are having EDGE Guatemala style, and I will be sharing my testimony. I am super excited to share with the wonderful teens... Also we’ve played a lot of soccer already, and I have a huge bruise from stopping a leg instead of stopping the ball.. I guess that’s just part of the game! Please continue to pray for me, and my team. Safety is a big one, and also God will be teaching us all something, and we will share it with each other to be encouraged. Love you!                              -Harmony Rose



Hi Dad, Mom, Danielle, and Stephanie (and Aslan too)!! Guatemala is a blast! It is so exciting to dive into the rich culture and great people. Evidently I still know quite a bit of Spanish! Yesterday was an extremely busy day started off by clearing bush with machetes and pick-axes at El Jalue!! We also played soccer with the boys and girls in the center/missionary house. It is quite an eye-opener. The boys and girls live in huts and are malnourished but there is a cell tower less than 500 ft away from the village!! Later, we went to a concrete soccer complex/playground and played futbol until 4 in the morning! :D Anyways, today we have relaxed, played more soccer, and are going to Los Olivos for Youth Group tonight! I have the amazing opportunity to help lead worship during the evening! Es un placer! I hope everything is well in cold, wintery Wisconsin! You would love the weather, mom! It’s in the high 70’s and humid! Just your type! Steph would get along well with all of the cute little Guatemalan’s! See you all soon!

-Connor :)



Hola a todas de la familia de woodlands,

I hope that you are doing well and that our families are doing well even though we aren’t there with them for break. Today is the second day of our work with the people of Guatemala. For the first day we went to the village of El Yalu where we payed games with the children for the afternoon. It was wonderful to think that even though these children may never escape poverty or live in a beautiful house, we gave them the hope of christ and the reminder that they have a family that is innumerable waiting in heaven.   This was all in the course of one day and we have 8 more to go. May all of them be as blessed as todays.        Paul B.

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