Pediatrics says hello!!

Hi all,

We had a very interesting day today. And as a patient, you do not want your pediatric provider to have an interesting day. We treated them well, however and survived as well. Ana, my medical student/interpreter extraordinaire, did a great job for me today and I don't know what I would do without her. I hope she stays with me the whole week. Dr. Edgar, my just graduated from medical school pediatrician partner, had several pretty sick kids today and did well with them also. I am actually amazed at the acuity we have seen these past few days. And I am also always amazed at the warmness of the people here and the beautiful children. God is good to us and we have a great team.

I also want to send greetings to Paul and Anders boy and Rusty. I miss you guys and am looking forward to seeing you and sharing all this with you at the end of the week. Love you!!! Stay warm,



Stephanie & Emma,

We met our orphan today.very emotional experience. Stephanie, you were right about the pin toy, she loved it! Had a blast at clinic today. Even with the language barrier, having fun with the patients (lots of laughing if you can imagine). I'm here with the most amazing group of people.

I love you both so much!

A special thank you to Barb Engle for bringing me to Woodlands and to Dr. Slezak for the invitation to join this mission trip! Amazing experience! Thank you, thank you!



We just finished day 2 of our medical clinic. We have been seeing patients until 9pm every night. We were hoping to see more men who are unable to come in the daytime. We got to play with our child that we bought gifts for this morning. My little Victoria loved the barrel of monkeys, and of course the fingernail polish. Lots of the older kids played soccer with our people. Dr Paredes is wondering when Eric is coming down here to join our clinic. He has heard a lot about him. I saw a woman with one year old twins. One on the front and one on her back, so, it is possible.

The food is delicious as usual. It is hard to turn away anything. My chocolate chip cookies were enjoyed by my pharmacy people today. It has been a fantastic trip so far. I miss all of you. Will see you in less than a week. Love, Sue & Mom

Shout out to the Weber Family!

            Happy Birthday dad!!  I really wish you could have come

along on this incredible experience with me, maybe we can go next year. Working at the clinic is extremely rewarding; even though I had no prior training, I feel I was able to pick it up quickly. I ran out of memory on my camera with all of the pictures I have taken, so I will be able to bore you with them later :P. I feel this trip has really helped me appreciate my life, and has made me realize that this is the sort of thing I hope to be able to do forever. The look on the people's faces when you are able to help them see again (I have mostly been working in optical) is one of the most joyous expressions- I feel I can't do it proper justice with words. I hope you all are staying warm and safe, I know this is short, but I will be seeing you all very soon. Love you!

From Ryan

Well, we've finished our second day in the clinic and everything is going great! As in years past, I'm spending my time in the optical section with the greatest group of people in the clinic. J Although we've seen a lot of difficult cases, we've also been able to help a lot of people! It's amazing to see the look on their faces when people who came in not being able to recognize the faces of their friends in the street leave being able to read most of the eye chart! I've been working a lot with Jill, Alyssa, and Dan and they are troopers! No rest for the wicked up on the stage in optical!

I also have the privilege of leading us in a time of worship each morning before we head to the clinic. We usually have someone share a brief devotional and then we get to sing together. We truly believe that it's important to set our hearts upon our Lord each morning to prepare for His work during the day and it has been a blessing to join together and sing praises to our God! He is so good! Another thing I have really enjoyed this trip is talking with everyone here and hearing their stories, especially how they have come to know Christ or where they are on their spiritual journey. It is amazing the group of people God has brought together for this team. We are from different denominations and different perspectives but God has us together for a reason and I know the Holy Spirit is at work

This trip is really special for me since a few years ago I met my wife on this trip! I dunno if you're reading this babe, but I was sitting there today on the stage in the optical and gazed up at the pharmacy and remembered seeing you up there in your scrubs. Oh you know I teared up a little J. I miss you a lot and I hope everything's going well with your first week back to school. Can't wait to see you!

Please everyone continue to pray for us this week. If you read this, just stop and take a moment and ask God to continue to keep us safe. Pray that the Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of the people we are serving so that having their physical needs met, they might be open to hearing the Gospel. Pray for strength for our team since tomorrow will be our hardest day by far. Pray for those on our team who are spiritually searching that the love of Christ and the community of our team would warm their hearts and that they would come to trust Jesus.

Try and stay warm this week J and try not to mourn the Packers' loss to much. ;)

  • Ryan Groshek

Hello Everyone from Guatemala!

Hi All,

Today was the second day of our clinic. We worked from 1pm to 9pm. We saw 226 patients so very busy day. The Guatemalan people are very sweet. I wish I could communicate with them but smiles work good. Today was cool here around 70 and at night is only about 30-40. Which I know for WI sounds like a heat wave right now! I am tired but feeling very blessed. It is amazing to see God working through all of us serving in the clinical. Our team and our Guatemalan team! I miss you all and hope my Mom is doing well from her ankle surgery. Scott I have tried to email you but unfortunately, I am not sure if the emails are going through. If you don't hear from me by email, know I am doing great! Keep warm and I will try to write more tomorrow!



Tuesday Summary -time with the kids and 2nd day of clinic

The start of clinic on Monday was tremendous but getting to share gifts and spend time with the children on Tuesday was beyond words. The smiles, hugs, generosity and sincere appreciation for seemingly small gifts was unbelievable. The children's names were announced and, as their sponsor from our team came forward, almost every child ran to us with arms wide open and eager to give big hugs. Seeing the pure joy on their faces (and ours for that matter) caused more than a few of us to get a little misty eyed.

After lunch we loaded up for the short bus ride to Sumpango for the 2nd day of clinic. Lloyd got us started with a great devotional pointing out how each of us are an important and irreplaceable part of the "Body" (Christ's church). He talked about how we are called to be in fellowship and combine our skills, whatever they may be, with those of others to accomplish a common purpose. The 2nd day was a little busier but once again everyone demonstrated their great attitude, adaptability and "just do it" mindset. It isn't that things don't go wrong or that the schedule doesn't get out of whack but more that the team either adapts or turns it over to God and moves on. No harping on the negative but celebrating the victories. The pharmacy count at the end of day two was 226. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is traditionally the busiest day. As always, many thanks for your prayers of support. We want everyone back home to know that we miss and love you guys.

From the view of an interpreter

Hello all supporting Team Sumpango 2014! (And a special hello to the Brenner family! I miss you all!)

Today was clinic day 2, so now I have a bit of time to reflect on the halfway point of clinic. I wanted to give everyone a view of what is like to be one of the interpreters on our trip. First, there are only myself and Kristen Lang who are part of the crew from Woodlands. Therefore, we are indebted to our Guatemalan medical and dental students who are imperative to the work that we do. I also want to thank Kristen for being an amazing partner in translation. It is a blessing to have a collaborator in our understanding and growth in the Spanish language. Then, I want to let everyone know that if they have loved ones who don't speak Spanish, they are all learning and doing an AMAZING job! I am always proud of people for stepping outside of their comfort zones and every person is trying their best at Spanish and doing great. I am indebted to the gratitude that I receive for helping out with translation. It is a pleasure to aid anyone when they need, because every person has taught me something in return. This exchange of ideas is amazing and I love seeing it in action.

Here's to two more great days! Con abrazos y besos y amor.

-Michelle Brenner

Greetings, frozen tundra!

. from the balmy south!

Clinic Day 2 went very smoothly, and again, God has blessed this mission! Some highlights today were having the opportunity to visit the orphanage and play with the kids. Many smiles and hugs were given generously by the children, who were all giggles and grins and eager to play. A game of impromptu soccer was a hit for the kids and the team! Also, our team continues to grow as few more medical students have joined us, including Freddy and Guillermo who were with us last year. Everyone is healthy and strong. Thank you for praying for us, and please continue to pray for strength. The eight hour clinic from 1-9 pm can get a bit draining for all of us! We look forward to updating you all more tomorrow. We love you and think of you often!


HI to Friends and Family of Tami and Megan

Hola from Quatemala!

We are having an amazing experience with our team and friends from Quatemala! I will be excited to share more when we come home of how God has been present in our clinic! Most specifically for Megan-she is doing amazing things down here in Quatemala and you will all be amazed. Specifically she gave a steroid injection in a patients knee with Dr.Kraeger watching over. Couldn't believe she even agreed. She looks great with a stethoscope! Church was so amazing and we were both arm and arm walking out and singing How Great is our God! He is Great and all are enjoying serving our friends. The dental unit is not working well so ad libing and working wonders to perform dentistry. Nights are cold but not as cold as you are all experiencing. Miss you Ken please let kids know blog site to check out for pictures. See you all soon and love to all for those who helped. Send Pam and Deb to. Pray for God to bless our last few days as we play and work and maybe tire alittle as we tend to stay up late.

Tami and Megan

fuego y agua

Our view of the volcanoes from Sumpango. One is named Fire (fuego) and the other Water (aqua).

Monday - First Day of Clinic!

Amazing, wonderful, tremendous. what other words could I use to describe the first day? The clinic started so smoothly it was incredible to all. From the opening bell it was a turnkey operation. Everyone jumped in and served flawlessly. Many of the veterans made comments that this was the smoothest start they had ever witnessed. Isn't God great. Your prayers and our have certainly been answered in several ways. From making it through customs with zero problems, everyone in great health, team bonding as if we had worked together for years, to successful searches for supplies and materials, God has already blessed us in so many ways. A huge blessing is the ten "high energy" Guatemalan medical students that have been adopted into our team. Again just another tremendous example of God's provision for us and those we serve They have been a huge help with their medical skills, interpretations and the energy they bring to the team. The pharmacy count at the end of day 1 was 215 patients served. Even after so many patients and a very busy 8 hours, everyone remained in great spirits. Everyone is eager to serve here but our hearts and prayers are with our families back home. You guys are always in our prayers especially with the extreme cold most of you are facing. Always know that, no matter how busy we are here, we miss and love you guys.

Hello from Dr. Dan

Hola to my family and friends reading this.

First of all, we were all bummed to hear about the Packers loss. We were not able to watch or hear any of the game so all we know is the very close final score. With all they have dealt with this year, I can only hope in their final game of this season, our men in Green and Gold gave it their all.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of walking through a number of market days in Sumpango so I am always on the lookout for something or someone new. This is the main market day for the people of this city of 30,000 and without refrigeration and storage, nearly everything is for sale. The aroma of fish and raw meets of every kind fill the air with an aroma that is difficult to get used to. It is like a supermarket together with Wal-Mart that appears on the streets of down town Sumpango every Sunday. All of the homemade clothing items along with many cleaning aid and hygiene products are there. The colors of the yarn and fabric along with the array of fresh vegetables and fruits provide all of the colors on an artist's pallet. This year I found a few new items. There was a basket of foot long lizards that had been skinned and roasted for sale. They left the head, tail, and legs on for fun I think. Like everything else it seems, the native Guatemalans say it tastes like chicken. I will spare you the picture but I do have one if you're interested. My favorite find was an older hombre donning a straw cowboy hat (my kind of man!) yelling "machete". Of course I would like the guy with the cool hat but he had the mustache of my dreams as well. He looked like he walked right out of an old John Wayne Western movie with the hat, the awesome mustache, and really big knives. I will try to include his picture if we are able.

As for our team of 28, we are all doing well. Health is good and spirits are high heading into our first clinic day tomorrow. Unlike the past couple years of flying in Sunday morning, we arrived Saturday noon so we have had a little more time to bond. We have a great group it seems. We have ten college students so they make up over a third of the team. The older I become the more I seem to enjoy their energy and excitement. Our only two nurses, Kimberly Weddle and Rachel Snow are both new and it's fun to see them experience something so different from their routine. Dr. Magyera is our dentist on his first trip with us. He said he is easing into retirement but he is not slowing down on our team. It is fun to see his eagerness to do something for the wonderful people of Sumpango that he has done for many years in the states. Unless you have worked under these conditions, it is hard to understand what it's like to not have the set-up we have at home. It truly is a sacrifice for these folks and a joy to watch them jump right in with no complaints. With Jon Cronce as our fearless trip leader there is never a dull moment but never a worry either. Whatever your need seems to be, he finds a way to get it done. Dr. Louise Smyth is on her first trip with us and is accompanied by two of her college sons, James and Daniel. It will be fun to watch them experience this week together. She is not the only one to have family along as Dr. Lloyd Arnold has daughter Kristin and dental hygienist Tami Falk has daughter Megan. Having had the opportunity to have my wife, two daughters, and one son-in-law on trips with me, I know just how special that experience is.

So that's it for now. Tomorrow we have 10 Guatemalan medical students join our team as extenders and interpreters. They bring such a special addition to our team. Pray that we stay healthy so we can serve these beautiful people. God bless, Dr. Dan

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