The food-WOW! Just want to let everyone know what an awesome food experience we are having! I thought I was going to come down here after the new year and start the traditional diet we all do after all the cookies and Christmas treats. Not happening! Even picky Megan loves the food! I want to bring home a cook with me since I have always disliked cooking-think that would be OK Ken? Didn't we just talk about hiring a cook-you would love it? Even desserts are fabulous! We were given special cakes the other night that have a baby Jesus cooked into them to bring blessings to those who get the piece He is in. I was honored to get a baby Jesus in my piece! After dinner and a long talk to midnight with Dr. Dan I went back to go to shower and sleep and I finally laid down and remembered my baby Jesus was not in my possession and that my plate was missing when I left so at that point I was very saddened and wondering if I should go dumpster diving in the middle of the night. I was assured by the Guatemalans that I did not have to keep him to be blessed but funny thing before breakfast I broke my cross necklace-now what should I think. So a big "Thank You" to our Guatemalan friends for serving us with such love! We are seeing some interesting things in dental can't wait to share!

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