Today marks the last day of clinic. Our team nailed the night clinic "trial-run" and successfully carried out three consecutive night clinics (woohoo!). Today we are up at the crack of dawn, getting ready to "finish strong" and close clinic this afternoon and begin the packing/inventory process. Thank you for your prayers. Our seasoned travelers and the leadership at Los Olivos continue to comment on how smoothly the week has gone in every way. This is God's blessing! Yesterday was "hump day," but the energy of the team was just as strong if not stronger than before!

So yes, all is well in Guatemala. At the same time, our team is learning flexibility. Last night, we arrived back at the orphanage to a "Code Brown" situation which required the immediate evacuation of two of our four dormitory rooms. Two of the communicating bathrooms evidently had sewage backup due to a tree root blocking one of the underground pipes. The girls (poor girls!) had to move back into the room they started with initially (the room known as "the arctic tundra" with icy showers). Although we have been playing "musical rooms" here and now have twenty people to one room, everyone is taking it in stride. I think we are all so tired at the end of the day that regardless of the number of people crammed together, the room is still rumbling with little whiffle snores from each bunk. Yep, "Just the way we like it" here-we're learning to praise and give thanks in all circumstances!

We send our love to you all and look forward to telling you more of what God accomplishes today in this adventure!


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