Today is our last day in clinic. We held three straight night clinics and today was our first early morning start. It makes for a tough stretch and seems like one long day but again, everyone is terrific. Great attitudes abound. Today we tentatively plan to start breaking down the clinic around 3:30 PM. Very hard to believe the end is so close. We are still all constantly in awe of the spirit of our Guatemalan brothers and sisters. They are so very thankful for whatever we have to offer and never seem to complain. They don't have a lot of material resources but are very content and eager to share. Their joy at receiving even basic care just makes you want to do so much more for them. You can tell the delight and love they have for their children. I have heard several comments about how well the mothers take care of their children even under less than ideal conditions. I am not sure who is helping who the most but as you can tell, I am truly touched by our friends here in Sumpango. I know the memories and blessings I have received are much more than I am able to give. For that I am in their debt. We love and miss you guys back home and will see you in a couple of days.


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