Hi all

Today is our last clinic day. It is always sad to say goodbye to our friends here. I am always so happy to see some of the same Guatemalan friends every year that I come to Sumpango. I have tried to speak and write in Spanish a little more this year. Tony has helped us in Pharmacy as he has every year. He introduced me to his Father and future Father in Law. They knew a little bit of English and I know un pocito Spanish. I know I spelled that wrong. I am hoping to get some recipes from the fantastic foods that we have been served. I am planning for next year already. I always start a list of what to do different for next year. Mili, our local teenager that helped last year has helped in Pharmacy again this year. Her Aunt owns a Pharmacy here. We have picked up a few things from her that we have ran out of. Mili is going to Pharmacy school starting in February. Our group has really worked well together. We haven't been without interpreters (which is wonderful). I will be preparing for the cold in Wisconsin during the next few days. It has been in the 70s every day here. We have told our helpers that we have snow for 6 months every year. Some of them have never seen snow. Well, I am just rambling now. I can't wait to see everyone. Once again I have lots of pictures. Take care everyone. Love, Sue Ecklund

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