The start of clinic on Monday was tremendous but getting to share gifts and spend time with the children on Tuesday was beyond words. The smiles, hugs, generosity and sincere appreciation for seemingly small gifts was unbelievable. The children's names were announced and, as their sponsor from our team came forward, almost every child ran to us with arms wide open and eager to give big hugs. Seeing the pure joy on their faces (and ours for that matter) caused more than a few of us to get a little misty eyed.

After lunch we loaded up for the short bus ride to Sumpango for the 2nd day of clinic. Lloyd got us started with a great devotional pointing out how each of us are an important and irreplaceable part of the "Body" (Christ's church). He talked about how we are called to be in fellowship and combine our skills, whatever they may be, with those of others to accomplish a common purpose. The 2nd day was a little busier but once again everyone demonstrated their great attitude, adaptability and "just do it" mindset. It isn't that things don't go wrong or that the schedule doesn't get out of whack but more that the team either adapts or turns it over to God and moves on. No harping on the negative but celebrating the victories. The pharmacy count at the end of day two was 226. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is traditionally the busiest day. As always, many thanks for your prayers of support. We want everyone back home to know that we miss and love you guys.

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