Hi all,

We had a very interesting day today. And as a patient, you do not want your pediatric provider to have an interesting day. We treated them well, however and survived as well. Ana, my medical student/interpreter extraordinaire, did a great job for me today and I don't know what I would do without her. I hope she stays with me the whole week. Dr. Edgar, my just graduated from medical school pediatrician partner, had several pretty sick kids today and did well with them also. I am actually amazed at the acuity we have seen these past few days. And I am also always amazed at the warmness of the people here and the beautiful children. God is good to us and we have a great team.

I also want to send greetings to Paul and Anders boy and Rusty. I miss you guys and am looking forward to seeing you and sharing all this with you at the end of the week. Love you!!! Stay warm,


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