Hello all supporting Team Sumpango 2014! (And a special hello to the Brenner family! I miss you all!)

Today was clinic day 2, so now I have a bit of time to reflect on the halfway point of clinic. I wanted to give everyone a view of what is like to be one of the interpreters on our trip. First, there are only myself and Kristen Lang who are part of the crew from Woodlands. Therefore, we are indebted to our Guatemalan medical and dental students who are imperative to the work that we do. I also want to thank Kristen for being an amazing partner in translation. It is a blessing to have a collaborator in our understanding and growth in the Spanish language. Then, I want to let everyone know that if they have loved ones who don't speak Spanish, they are all learning and doing an AMAZING job! I am always proud of people for stepping outside of their comfort zones and every person is trying their best at Spanish and doing great. I am indebted to the gratitude that I receive for helping out with translation. It is a pleasure to aid anyone when they need, because every person has taught me something in return. This exchange of ideas is amazing and I love seeing it in action.

Here's to two more great days! Con abrazos y besos y amor.

-Michelle Brenner

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