Well, we've finished our second day in the clinic and everything is going great! As in years past, I'm spending my time in the optical section with the greatest group of people in the clinic. J Although we've seen a lot of difficult cases, we've also been able to help a lot of people! It's amazing to see the look on their faces when people who came in not being able to recognize the faces of their friends in the street leave being able to read most of the eye chart! I've been working a lot with Jill, Alyssa, and Dan and they are troopers! No rest for the wicked up on the stage in optical!

I also have the privilege of leading us in a time of worship each morning before we head to the clinic. We usually have someone share a brief devotional and then we get to sing together. We truly believe that it's important to set our hearts upon our Lord each morning to prepare for His work during the day and it has been a blessing to join together and sing praises to our God! He is so good! Another thing I have really enjoyed this trip is talking with everyone here and hearing their stories, especially how they have come to know Christ or where they are on their spiritual journey. It is amazing the group of people God has brought together for this team. We are from different denominations and different perspectives but God has us together for a reason and I know the Holy Spirit is at work

This trip is really special for me since a few years ago I met my wife on this trip! I dunno if you're reading this babe, but I was sitting there today on the stage in the optical and gazed up at the pharmacy and remembered seeing you up there in your scrubs. Oh you know I teared up a little J. I miss you a lot and I hope everything's going well with your first week back to school. Can't wait to see you!

Please everyone continue to pray for us this week. If you read this, just stop and take a moment and ask God to continue to keep us safe. Pray that the Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts of the people we are serving so that having their physical needs met, they might be open to hearing the Gospel. Pray for strength for our team since tomorrow will be our hardest day by far. Pray for those on our team who are spiritually searching that the love of Christ and the community of our team would warm their hearts and that they would come to trust Jesus.

Try and stay warm this week J and try not to mourn the Packers' loss to much. ;)

  • Ryan Groshek

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