Amazing, wonderful, tremendous. what other words could I use to describe the first day? The clinic started so smoothly it was incredible to all. From the opening bell it was a turnkey operation. Everyone jumped in and served flawlessly. Many of the veterans made comments that this was the smoothest start they had ever witnessed. Isn't God great. Your prayers and our have certainly been answered in several ways. From making it through customs with zero problems, everyone in great health, team bonding as if we had worked together for years, to successful searches for supplies and materials, God has already blessed us in so many ways. A huge blessing is the ten "high energy" Guatemalan medical students that have been adopted into our team. Again just another tremendous example of God's provision for us and those we serve They have been a huge help with their medical skills, interpretations and the energy they bring to the team. The pharmacy count at the end of day 1 was 215 patients served. Even after so many patients and a very busy 8 hours, everyone remained in great spirits. Everyone is eager to serve here but our hearts and prayers are with our families back home. You guys are always in our prayers especially with the extreme cold most of you are facing. Always know that, no matter how busy we are here, we miss and love you guys.

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