Good Morning guys,

I hope you are staying warm! It is beautiful, sunny here and the birds are chirping! It definitely does not feel like January down here. Enjoy your day off from school today! Yesterday, we went in to Sumpango to the market. It was quite an experience. They sell lots of things like toilet paper, soap, fried lizard, meat not refrigerated. I even saw them selling chicken feet. The poverty down here is so sad! You see some people walking with no shoes. We set up the clinic yesterday so we are ready for today. We met Oscar Chiquito who is our church sponsor. We ate lunch at his parent's house and had chicken tacos and nachos and it was yummy! We also walk down to the town dump. The leaders wanted us to see how bad the poverty is here. There were kids and families going through the garbage. The smell was awful and the dump is surrounded by homes. As we were walking back, there were 4 little boys ages 4-7 playing with firecrackers! Yikes. We then went to church last night. It was really neat but all in Spanish. Thank goodness one of the girls on our team was translating! We do clinic today from 1pm to 9pm. Scott I will try to text you about my mom between 6-7pm to see how she did. I am praying for you all. I miss you and love you all. Be nice to each other!

Love you,


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