We had a tremendously successful Sunday. Today (Sunday) started with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, refried beans, bread and fresh fruit. Dan did a great job in leading us in our devotion time. He used a couple of lessons from "Jesus Calling." The lesson challenged everyone to get out of their comfort zone, stop playing it safe and rely on Jesus to carry and support us. We then loaded for the trip into Sumpango to experience their market day. Everyone greatly enjoyed the different sights and sounds ranging from fresh meat and fish to handmade dresses and scarfs. We had a great lunch at the home of Oscar Chiquito and then began setting up the clinic. Everyone pitched in and the clinic went together very smoothly. We had several volunteers from Los Olivos who were a great help. I didn't hear a single complaint or witness anyone with anything less than a great attitude. Together with our brothers from Los Olivos it was great to see everyone working with a common cause and with such a tremendous approach. It is amazing to see God bring so many people together from such a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and, in just a very short time, form such a well bonded team. We were blessed to be able to worship and take communion with our brothers and sisters at Los Olivos. I know memories were created that will be remembered forever. After a late dinner and a team meeting everyone is ready to rest up and get started on our first day of clinic tomorrow. Everyone is tired but all are well and eager to get started. May God bless you all. Thank you for your continued support.

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