Hola mi amigos and amigas!

Buenos dias! Okay, now I am done with my expertise in Espanol. Other than Abra la boca or Oithos (open your mouth and ears). That was thanks to my medical student ana, who is charming. I want to start by thanking you all for praying for our team. We all continue to stay healthy other than some sinus stuff, and we all are incredibly enjoying working and fellowshipping together. I continue to be amazed at God's blessings on us all. We finished clinic yesterday and now today we head to El Yelu to see the village that Los Olivas works with and then to Antigua. It should be a great day. It is so beautiful here, and the people are gracious and kind. I have been humbled with the giving toward us in feeding us, caring for us, taking all our needs into consideration when we came to serve them. I am also amazed at the caring of mothers and those that take children in to raise them. Have a wonderful day!

I am so looking forward to seeing you Paul and Anders and telling you all about this and hearing about your week. Love you!


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