Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yesterday I spent the day in triage (a first for me as last year I was a float nurse).  One of the things that really struck me was the need for good and affordable dental care in this area.  I saw many people both young and old with rampant decay that needed a dentist.  There is no fluoride in the local water; regular tooth brushing with good toothpaste is probably not a common practice.  Regular dental checkups?  Not around here. There is a lack of education as to what types of things can cause dental problems and many parents/families are just not aware that some of the things they do or let their children do (particularly in the food/drink area) are harmful to their dental health.  It was sad to see very young children with no option but to have their teeth pulled.  Thankfully we have two wonderful dentists working with our team this year so some of these needs can be addressed.

A huge blessing – yesterday at the end of the day our whole team was still healthy!  By this time last year we were “going down” in a big way :) - Praise the Lord for this!

I am so grateful to be a part of this team….

In His Service,

Ruth Glodowski



Eric, Kate, Sally, Amy, Tammy, Raj, Lucas, Matt, Isabel and Jackson

We arrived in Guatemala with no issues other than being tired.  We went to the Market on Sunday, then church in the evening.  At church I saw the Guatemalans that have helped us in the pharmacy every year.  Our clinic opened yesterday.  We saw 187 patients.  I was surprised that more of our patients knew a little English.  We ran out of a few meds.  So, some of our group went to a local farmacia to purchase the meds.  The one we went to was run by an older woman and her Granddaughter.  The Granddaughter ended up working with us for a few hours.  I have tried speaking a little Spanish to the patients.

It is great being here again!

Sue Ecklund  (Mom)

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