Sumpagno...a view of the city


We woke up this morning to a little bit of rain even though it is the dry season.  Despite the weather, the team was refreshed and ready to start a full day at the clinic. We had breakfast at the orphanage and started the day with an encouraging word from Dr. Jean and time in worship.

This trip we are trying something new by starting the clinic later in the day on Monday and Tuesday. The patients in the past have been mostly female because the men are out in the fields working during the day. This year we are keeping the clinic open until 7 or 8 at night in order to give the men the opportunity to come home from the fields and have a chance to receive medical care.

Day One of clinic is well underway! After arriving to the community center this morning, the pastor from Los Olivios provided a morning devotion for our team and all people from the team helping us this week. He challenged us to think about how we show our love to God. This week is a wonderful chance to tangibly share Jesus to the beautiful people of Sumpango. After meeting our Guatemalan interpreters and medical students, we set up clinic and started seeing patients.

Everything is running smoothly thus far. It is such a blessing to be able to work beside the people of Sumpango and provide care. Thank you for your prayers!


Drinking water from a fire hose....unpacking frenzy!
Drinking water from a fire hose....unpacking frenzy!

Waiting to get checked in...
Waiting in line...

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