Today is our last day of clinic in Sumpango. This morning there was a mixed bag of emotions among the team. As tired as we are, we do not want to leave! There is still so much work we would love to do. The time with the beautiful people of Guatemala will never be forgotten. Thank you for praying and supporting us on this trip. You have truly made a difference, and we appreciate each one of you!

Each night after dinner, our team has gathered and shared different God sightings and funny stories from the day. One of our team leaders was able to play doctor with some young boys who were ¨sick¨. The boys have been volunteering through the week, running around, keeping us laughing. One little boy came and told the triage team he was sick and needed to see the doctor. When his friend also said he needed to see a doctor, he was asked what he was sick with...his response, "same thing he had". So Jon dressed in scrubs and a stethescope, found an open room and an interpreter and proceeded to diagnose the boys. He told them to eat less candy, not to put sugar in their coffee, and go to school. :)


Just a more personal story, I was able to spend a morning with my dad in his exam room. It was wonderful to see him in action around his patients. He explained everything he did and even allowed Kristen and I to perform our first shots on a patient-such a great teacher. The opportunity for the medical students, young interpreters and myself to be able to go into the exam rooms and have hands-on experience is truly one of the most powerful aspects of this trip. I knew my dad was a great doctor, but to actually be in the room with him and see his compassion really made me appreciate him all the more-so proud!


There are so many other stories from this trip, both funny and more powerful, that could be shared, but there simply would not be enough time to write them all now. We are excited to come home and share all that we have seen and learned while on this trip. I am not sure if we will be able to find internet for the remainder of our time here, so this may be the last blog posting. We will be traveling to two different cities in the next two days to gather up some more cultural experiences and feed our desire to come back here again. Please continue to pray for safe travel and the health of the team.

Excited to see you all soon.
Love from Sumpango,
Katie & the Woodlands Team

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