Hi everybody! Thank you so much for following our blog and for your continuous prayers and concerns. Everyone is starting to feel much better. We were able to figure out what was wrong with everybody and we are now able to treat it. Please pray for healing for our team.

The clinic has been very successful and the team has become closer than any other team has in the past. I would bet that this is due to the illness that affected the vast majority of us.

We have had a lot of God moments since we have been here. First off, the nurses that are part of our team or unbelievable! We would not be able to do it without them. These women are truly superheroes.

Yesterday at clinic I had the opportunity to wash an elderly woman´s feet. It was an incredible experience. I could definitely see God in that moment. She was so grateful. All of the people of Sumpango are very grateful!

Our interpreters are truly amazing as well. When everyone on our team started getting sick, we gave the interpreters a chance to go home so that they would not be affected. Instead of going home, they stayed and cleaned everything! These people are wonderful. They bring so much energy and life to our team.

We have helped a lot of people and I believe that God is working in each and every one of us. Each day of clinic has been better than the previous day. Today is our last day of clinic, so please pray that we can help as many people as God intended before we leave.

Tomorrow we will be visiting a very small and impoverished city in the outskirts of Guatemala. We will get to see a feed center where many children are fed each day. I hope that we will get to volunteer some of our time and leftover energy to help them.

After we visit the village will be going to Antigua to experience more of the Guatemalan culture. Saturday will be our last day in Guatemala. We will be giving presents to the orphans and spending some time with them. Our flight leaves Guatemala city at 8PM and should land in Chicago around 12AM. Please pray for safe travels.

We love you all and miss you all very very much. We cannot wait to see all of you again and give you big hugs and kisses. Please continue to pray for us. I am not sure if I will be able to write tomorrow, but I will certainly try.



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