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Are you interested in leading a group?

Do you enjoy helping others take the next step on their spiritual journey? Do you want to be a part of building Christ-centered people? If so, then leading a Life Group or class might be for you!




Here are some of the qualities we look for in potential group leaders:

A Pursuer:

This involves being faithful, available, teachable and committed to personal spiritual growth - a growing Christ-follower.

A facilitator:

We ask leaders to guide, plan and lead the discussion.

A shepherd:

A leader should encourage, pray, listen and serve the group. A successful leader asks, "Are my group members well-cared for?"

A DEveloper:

A leader keeps an eye open for potential new leaders within the group. It is one of the ways we launch new groups within the church.

NOTE: A group leader is not expected to be a teacher or Biblical scholar, have a strong personality, be the most popular person, or even an extrovert.


Next steps for leading a group:

  1. Prayerfully consider if this is where God wants you to serve.
  2. Contact Pastor John Jordens:  As the GroupLife Pastor, he would love to hear about your interest in leading. 
  3. Fill out the “Group Leader Application” (Receive this from David, Nancy or Beth)
  4. Schedule a time to sit down with Pastor David to discuss next steps.
  5. Attend the GroupLife orientation/training for new leaders.

Questions? Please contact Pastor John Jordens (715-341-0800).


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