You’re needed.

If you’ve been served by Woodlands, whether it be through greeters on Sundays, teachers in your child’sclassroom, enjoying a cup of coffee before service, musicians on stage leading us in worship, or any number of other ways—chances are you’ve been served by a faithful volunteer giving up time and talent to serve Jesus by serving you.

At Woodlands, we rely on a huge community of volunteers who love Jesus and love to serve His church.

And we’re always in need for more help.

If you consider Woodlands your church, we ask you to serve as a volunteer. By doing so, you’re an essential part of helping others meet Jesus. 

God has some pretty big plans for us that can seem way too big to pull off alone. Sure, He works through us as individuals, but He delights to see us work together.  That is how He designed the church.  We’re not a bunch of soloists, we’re a choir.

Serving can be deeply satisfying – each of us doing our part, in whatever stage of life or growth we find ourselves. There's a place for you - check out the possibilities!

Serving in Plover

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