At Woodlands Church we believe that faithful and generous giving is an act of worship to God, and part of our calling as followers of Christ.  Our commitment to all who give is that we will be faithful to God in the administration of the gift, and handle all monies with the highest ethical standards and sound accounting practices.  Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Give online with electronic check or debit card
Our preferred method is electronic check, as there is very little cost to the church when this method is used. (With an eCheck, the amount comes directly out of your account and is deposited in the church’s checking account)  

When a debit card is used, the church incurs a cost of approximately 3% of the amount given. 

How do I set up recurring online giving?

In December of 2014 Woodlands introduced a new online community called The Grove - a great communication tool between Woodlands Church and the entire congregation. The Grove also serves as a new way to electronically give to Woodlands Church.


Here's how to give through The Grove:

  1. Login to your Grove account
  2. Once you are logged into The Grove,  select “Give” on the menu bar to the left. From here you will need to enter your checking account information, as well as select the frequency of giving (if a recurring gift).

Need more direct assistance? We have created a Giving to Woodlands via The Grove PDF to help you establish your giving through The Grove. If you have any questions we encourage you to see that handout or call the church office for assistance at 715-341-0800.

We understand that you may have some additional questions about giving online, how it works, and security.

You can view more information by checking out our Online Giving FAQS

Don't have a Grove account? No problem! You can sign up below

You can learn more about the other great features of The Grove here 

You can also give in person during all of our weekend services or by mailing a contribution to the church office
(please send mail to Woodlands Church, 190 Hoover Ave., Plover WI 54467)


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