It's hard to believe we leave tomorrow. 

Ron started our day with a great devotional reminding us that we've done more than build a building - we've expanded and built our family in Christ. 

"Superb" was the word our French foreman Pedro used as he looked over our completed work. 

its pretty amazing to think that on Monday we started off with almost empty concrete rooms and on Saturday we have two nearly complete apartment areas. Sure they still need to be painted and the plumbing fully completed, flooring... But what a privilege to be poured out in service this way. 


So many great experiences this week:

- making new British and French friends

.... One of our British friends said," I sure hope we all get to meet up again before Glory" 

.... Pedro telling us if we are ever in Paris again and stay at a hotel instead of with his family he will get angry with us

- seeing a team of mostly non-professional construction people dive into whatever was asked and do it with servants hearts and excellence. 

 - worshiping with our brothers and sisters to unfamiliar words but songs we know by heart.

- getting a chance to talk at length about ministry with a fellow worship leader

oh yeah - and the food and culture weren't bad either 😉 

Tonight we'll take part in an outreach where a couple of us will share our faith journey and a couple songs. 

it will be a late night and then a very early morning to the airport, so I'm posting prior to the outreach. 

God is good. God is alive. God loves the French. He loves all people everywhere.

And He has been and is at work through us and in us to expand His kingdom.

This week has God has used us and changed us.

To Him be the glory! 

for the team, 



Written anonymously on the completed apartment wall

Written anonymously on the completed apartment wall

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