A wonderful devotional by DuWayne Dahlke began our day, reminding us that by being faithful to God's call we are making a difference - whether we are incredibly skilled and giving the team direction, or sweeping the floor. Then we started our first day back as a full team. 

Much was accomplished yesterday, but much remains of the work to be done.

walls are up and insulated but plumbing still has a way to go. Once empty spaces now look like apartments in progress. Mudding and taping has begun. There are still quite a bit of jovial interactions but with less time left here the intensity of our pace has picked up. We've been going full throttle, but tomorrow even amidst our tiredness we are looking to God to provide us with fresh wind and a new 'gear' to shift into - one we cannot muster in our own strength.

its been a great week of meeting new friends and building and our work reminds me of this truth:

-the Gospel has (and is) accomplishing much, but much remains of the work to be done... And we can only do this work in the power of the Spirit, not our own effort or skills or labor. 

tomorrow, instead of a scheduled half day, we will press on with a full work day followed by an evening outreach to young adults.

We sure would appreciate your prayers for continued strength, efficiency, quality work and more importantly the camaraderie and relational health we have enjoyed to this point. 



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