Again today, half our team stayed at the church to continue the work while the other half were able to take in the culture of Paris - a wonderful city with amazing food, and art infused into the architecture as well as art available on the city streets.

As part of our walk, we stopped at a restaurant called Le Procope, founded in 1686. We sipped coffee in the same restaurant that held some of the conversations integral to both the French and American revolutions. A restaurant where notables such as Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, and Robespierre discussed ideas that would change the world.

Such a beautiful country and people - and our hope for the work we're doing along with our partner church is the see the beauty of the Gospel become the desire of all who call France their homeland.

The Gospel is the power of salvation for all who believe and God is using it to change the world in more profound and eternal ways than the historic conversations held in Le Procope.

Tomorrow we all put our hands back to the work before us, praying God will use it to expand His kingdom.

Soli Deo Gloria (to God alone be the glory)



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