Greetings from France. 

First off, please forgive capitalization errors and blurry photos - this is all being uploaded via an iPhone... And honestly were more concerned with the quality of the work we're doing at the church site.

Today was another good, hard, 10-hour work day, but a few comments are worth sharing:

We have been thanked repeatedly for both the diligence of our work and it's quality. Apart from simply blessing this local church with our efforts, they have thanked us that our work enables them to more effectively share the Gospel rather than be focused on, or spend resources on hiring workers to build.

The church we're serving is the only Protestant church in an area of 100,000 people and has grown incredibly by Gods grace. 

We heard a story tonight from our hosts about a man named Fred who not only came to faith through the building project, but is himself daily giving of his extra time to work alongside us to make sure more people have a place to hear of the great mercy of Jesus. And not only to hear, but to grow and be equipped to share their faith.

One team member summed up so well today why our work here is so important.

She said - We are the ones who are tilling the ground so that the seeds of the Gospel can be planted and watered. 

And in response, our host church has told us over and again that we are a huge blessing and a part of how God is building His kingdom in France - thanking us for displaying hearts of servants.

Friends and family, as a pastor, I am so humbly proud of how our team has consistently viewed each moment of our trip as a mission to spread the Gospel in a very spiritually dark nation - and never as a vacation. Sadly, some people think that missions is only to those who live in extreme physical poverty.

The team are being poured out as an offering, with sweat, some tears and are working their tails off - always with Jesus as the Center, seeking only for Him to be glorified.

For the team, 


"Made in France" 

"Made in France" 

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