We arrived safely back in Wi on Sunday evening, and awoke to 4 inches of fresh snow Monday morning, causing most of us on the team to long to return to France.

Not just for the weather, the sights, the food ..... we long to return because we love the French people and the need for the Gospel in France is huge.

As I was going through my photos, one stands out.

It's a picture of a beacon of light in the darkness of Paris.  It reminds me of the church building we labored to help build.

For sure, the building is not the beacon, but the people who will gather there to worship Jesus are.

We continue to pray for the ministry of 
Église Protestante Baptiste de Pontault-Combault: for pastors Manu, Mickey & Rich and for the members of this growing family whose desire is to see the light of Christ spread across all of France!

We end this blog with a few quotes from our hosts:


"I was really touched, encouraged by you singing in French on Sunday morn. I wish you could have seen the reactions that I saw from the back of the church. The man next to me let out a small gasp and said, "Oh, what a surpise" when he heard you start singing. He listened intently the whole time and clapped so hard at the end saying how wonder that was. Another lady looked back at me with a huge grin that said, "they are singing in French!!!" and then after the song she shot me another big smile saying how well you all did. I saw the peoples' heads turn and listen in as, to their surprise, they heard you singing their language! It really touched them and me. Thanks for bridging the gap to bless them...Thank you."

"Just thinking how amazing it was to have you all here serving in our church.  When I say our Church I mean the church of Christ.  His body of believers. The cool part is that Christ's body has no limits, no cultural barriers, no language barriers, we are all one in Him!  Please let each and every one on the team know that I have been so touched by their efforts their amazing attitudes and dedication to the project.  People of the church continue to thank me for getting you all here.  But each time I am truly reminded that it was God who put this team together.  It was God who placed it on their hearts, and I thank you all for your obedience to His call.  .... If anyone doubts your intentions or the "authenticity"of this trip, you can without a doubt say that you were the hands and feet of The Lord Jesus Christ.  That you participated in the great work that God is doing in France and you have helped to enable French people to continue to invite their friends, family, neighbors, to a place where the truth can be shared and where relationships are being built to lead and welcome others to the family if God!"

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