The Chalmers Center Faith & Finances

                         The Chalmers Center Faith & Finances

Faith and Finances is a new course offered at Woodlands Church. You could make a significant impact in the life of another by serving as an ally (mentor) to one of the course participants. 

Allies promote and sustain individuals in the Faith & Finances program.  Allies are mutual learners on the journey with participants.  Allies work as a team to walk along side their participants to provide encouragement, advocacy, and supportive friendship as he/she strives to become economically self-sufficient.

The course meets once per week in the ABF rooms of the Church.  For more information please contact Doug Schneider (link to my email) or sign up below for more information.  We will follow up with all registrations for questions and logistics. For more information about Faith & Finances you may keep reading below. 

The Chalmers Center has created a financial education program for low-to moderate-income people called Faith & Finances.  This program is designed for churches and organizations who have a desire to walk alongside learners over the long-term.  The Faith & Finances program offers a context for low- to moderate-income people to learn best practices of financial literacy—including saving, expense tracking, and building productive assets.  Even more, as part of God’s work in the world, people in all income levels discover that they play a key role in God’s kingdom, using their resources to restore broken relationships. For more info please their web page.


I’m interested in being an Ally:

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