What an incredible journey this has been. The men finished assembling the building and the women did a lot of painting. We were able to show Christ's love through tangible works but more importantly, we were able to show Christ's love by building relationships. We leave Ecuador with great anticipation to see our families but we also leave with sadness because of the relationships we are leaving behind. Some of us are coming home with a few more Facebook friends and all of us are coming home with new friends we'll get to see every week at church, and hopefully more. I'm so happy we accomplished the tasks in which brought us to Ecuador. We are coming home more humble and thankful especially, those of us who were able to figure out why God brought us to Ecuador.

A person has to wonder why God would bring them to another continent to tell them something that could have been said at home. I think the answer is sometimes God needs to remove us from our comfort zones in order to get us listen and actually hear what he's trying to tell us.

We have so many great memories, and a lot of tears were shed on this trip. Tears of sadness for the injustices of the Zambiza dump workers who work in unfathomable, inhumane work conditions, and for the girls who have endured so much pain through human trafficking. We spent several nights debriefing and analyzing the situation asking ourselves how this can be happening. We asked ourselves what we can do when we get home to raise up a better generation of Godly sons, fathers, and husbands who are accountable for their actions. We can't change Ecuador in a week but we can improve situations in our own cities by helping people to understand the importance of strong, Godly men leading their families through life.

Again, we want to thank everyone who went on this journey with us by supporting us financially and prayerfully.

~Team Ecuador

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