When this cooperative effort began between the curches in Cartagena and Woodlands Medical Missions, the clear objective was to be able to minister not just to the physical needs, but to the deeper spiritual needs, helping people to find new life in Christ. The doctors who had a vision for this kind of ministry have now created a partnership venture, opening a new clinic facility where this year we were able to see our dental and gynecological patients. They continue to have as their objectives the healing of both physical wounds & poor nutrition, AND the healing of spiritual wounds and providing spiritual nutrtion. Dr Salcedo was able to give us a tour and brief overview of the phases of the project. What an inspiration to see how what was just a dream on paper 2 years ago is now a reality. We look forward to continuing to pray for God's direction and provision as they move forward. PRAY FOR THEM and for us as this relationship continues to grow and develop!

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