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You can use this for your blog if you wish. Thanks for everything:) hugs... > >

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I have completed my time here in Colombia and leave tomorrow ahead of the others due to my women's Ministry gig on Saturday. It has been a special, special week. As has been our experience, God has put together an amazing team. What really amazes me is that non medical people can actually function and do really well in such a foreign environment...both culturally and professionally. It is such a joy to see Steve in action too. I knew he was good...but he is really GOOD! He has caught some very unusual diagnosis's...Marphins syndrome...(spelling not known)today, been doing a number of mole removals by the eye, ptergiums, and helping us find just the right pair of glasses from boxes of really weird prescriptions. What fun it is to see the eyes of a child light up when you have found the perfect pair of glasses, and they hadn't been able to see ... Possibly all the years of their little life's! And it's fun to catch the kid who really wants a pair of glasses but doesn't need them. Steve has a trick for that one too, start at +2.5 and go backwards to zero, at which time they say 'much clearer!' We are blessed, blessed, blessed to have what we have. Our optical team of Ross and Vickie, Anita, who I keep calling Angie, our amazing translation team with a future optician in tow! and Dr Steve have made it a great week! Thanks woodlands for supporting these wonderful out reaches that also makes our faith grow. I understand it's a wee bit cold in Wisconsin...just 87 degrees here...ocean waters are nice, ocean breezes even better. But I love winter. Negative 9 on Monday...the high...really? Hugs to all...ladies in Central Wisconsin...see you Saturday at Aroma cafe. So how cold has it really been? Love you all, thanks for your prayers, please continue for the team:)

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