We cannot SEE God, but we can see Him through what He does. For every cardboard box of glasses and the toothpaste and the sterilizer, my heart rang out with a hallelujah when I saw each one of all 7 boxes show up on the luggage belt in the Cartagena airport. What a blessing of answered prayer.

AND we PRAISE GOD for the blessings of getting through customs with everything. There were questions to be answered and documents to be produced. One bag with the children's vitamins was opened, and one bottle of vitamins removed for inspection. It was duly labelled with "DONATION: NOT FOR RESALE". The list of meds we are buying here was also produced. In the end, we were sent on our way. All is unloaded at the church/school, everyone checked in and getting a short night of sleep before we hit the ground running tomorrow morning.

THANK YOU for PRAYING with us. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER for saying YES to our requests.


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