Proverbs 16:9 The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

This has been a week of challenges, obstacles, surprises. We do our best with what we are given, and things don't go the "way they should".... or so it appears to us.

We received word from the Colombian pastors that the government agency that oversees importation denied permission for us to bring in medications. Without meds, there is no clinic! All week long we have been emailing back and forth with lists, translations, and encouragement to keep trusting that God has a plan, that He was not caught by surprise even if we were. We will now buy our meds in Cartagena, and pray that the other supplies we carry will not prove to be a problem in the eyes of whatever officials clear us through customs. PRAY for GRACE!

Tonight, 24 hours befor our departure for O'Hare, We have just received word that one of our teammates, Dr. Waldo Arteaga, will not be able to go because of a sudden onset of a heart problem. PRAY for WALDO, and a good outcome with his tests next week.

Rather than fret, we cast our cares upon Him who sees the end before the beginning. We plan, we work, but He directs and wills for His good pleasure. HIS plan will be best; our plan is to trust Him fully. PRAY for us to TRUST & REST IN CONFIDENCE.


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