We were all warned Thursday morning that it was going to be our hardest day yet. Some reasons for this was because it was day three and we were looking forward to our last day (Friday), getting worn out from our two earlier days, and one larger reason: we were going to be losing three of our most general doctors for three hours right in the middle of the day. They traveled to a nearby hospital and gave a few lectures to the doctors and students there. Our patient demographic also changed quite a bit on Thursday. Instead of having 75% of our patients being children we had about 60% older adults and seniors. This was a nice change for me in the photo clinic because it was so interesting to see how happy an elderly woman or man was to get a picture of themselves. To see their face light up was a wonderful gift for me every time I handed out a picture.  We did make it through Thursday unscathed and were looking forward to Friday.

Friday at the clinic felt like a whole different dynamic. I was beginning to get a little sad about leaving the people of Cartagena. We planned on a half day and that is exactly what happened. Triage stopped taking in patients at about noon and we finished everything about 2:30pm. After we cleaned and packed up our gear, we had a short worship service with the Colombians. It was amazing to hear how extremely appreciative they were of us coming down and helping their people. It made me not want to leave even more. Over the past four days I created a close relationship with three siblings. Fabian, Sebastian, and Daniella. They stuck around the photo clinic with me for hours and practiced their English and helped me out quite a bit. When it was time to say goodbye today there were tears in little Sebastian's eyes. It broke my heart to see him cry like that but I also knew that what we did here really made a difference. We saw about 1,000 patients over the entire clinic and even though it does not even dent the millions  in the city's population our work has now spread like a spider web.

We are all relieved to be done with our "work" here but are sad to leave these lovely people we have made relationships with. The Lord has blessed our team with a successful trip and will continue to bless the people of Cartagena after we have left.

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