There are those who consider medical missions to be glamorous, exotic, fun even - - - a great way to get out of the Wisconsin freezer for a couple of weeks - - - see new sights, meet new people - - - a check off the bucket list - - - Christian vacationing.  Consider this: By the end of the day yesterday, over 3000 prescriptions were filled in a hot, humid, windowless, breezeless room little larger than a walk in closet.  One of our pharmacists, Megan Ose, was needed out in medical clinic as a physician extender translator and so was able to escape occasionally; however, Tom Robinson and Jim Wrass were not so fortunate.  They labored in that room, filling scripts safely, sometimes creatively for hour after hour with little let up.  What a wonderful pharmacy staff we have had.

Dr. Andrew Weiss and Joy Silva were the OB/GYN department.  They provided amazingly comprehensive histories/exams that were very much appreciated.  Dr. Nick Andriacchi evaluated a wound infection and culture upon which Dr. Andy was able to perform a KOH prep/stain.  Hyphae were detected, so Dr. Nick was able to provide antifungal coverage that will allow the wound to heal.  We were all impressed.  Also, Jim Conterado’s ultrasound machine was put to good use and some mothers were able to see their babies and be assured of their normal development. 

The Dental team did a great job.  After a very challenging first day filled with kids with rotting teeth, they found their groove.  Bret had to “borrow” electricity for his compressor/drill from a neighbor (think open wires serpentigenously meandering across a tin roof from a structure 40 ft away).  Bret would patiently be working away with Sheryl Wrass’s assistance and Twinky would provide comic relief/distraction/assurance for the patients and families.  We often heard laughter coming from the Dental Clinic - - - that’s an oxymoron - - - but they accomplished it.

The Optical team was tremendous.  Lorna, Karin, Ginny, and MaryBeth were solid with patients pretty much all day, every day.  They learned in a couple of days enough to provide needed refractions and eyeglasses for hundreds of people.  Each of them have very touching stories of different people they were able to help.  

After the clinic concluded yesterday, we had a thanksgiving service, led by Ron Silva and the Colombian Pastors.  They affirmed to us their deep appreciation for our serving and expressed how pleased they were with the many meaningful conversations and prayers in the spiritual clinic. Dr. Michael Caldwell and Ron very graciously expressed our gratitude for their hard work and the privilege of working with them.  It was a very touching service. 

We appreciate the prayers of all who have supported the team.  It was a great week.

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