Well . . . one day of clinic is behind us, and the team is performing like seasoned veterans.  Triage with Ann-Marie and Omar inducted about 240 patients.  Church/School leadership helped with crowd control.  We had an excellent group of interpreters from the church who worked hard all day in the clinic – especially up in Optical.  We would have been extremely limited without their help.  Camilo, Dr. Mesa’s son did a great job in clinic.  He is intuitive and picks things up quickly.  We had a young lady who was difficult to get consistent refractive data, so I was called over.  I did a “fog refraction” to demonstrate without her knowing it that she actually had 20/20 vision and thus didn’t really need glasses.  Camilo, who had been observing all this, had already come to the same conclusion.  Karin, MaryBeth, Ginny, and Lorna are serving in Optical.  It was close to 100 degrees, humid, and no breeze up  in the optical area in the afternoon.  We are all going through liters of fluid.  Please pray that everybody holds up.  It was a bit of a slog yesterday - -tough going at times. We are fortunate to have such a strong optical team - - - hard working, compassionate, and cheerful through the difficulties.


Ronald Silva and Michael Caldwell are great leaders.  They have made multitudes of small decisions all along the way to make things go more smoothly.  They are serving the team even as they lead the team and are sensitive to the needs of the individual team members.  They are mature, providing solid, strong direction, and project a calm, good-natured, even cheerful confidence that has been reassuring for everyone.  They also are invested in furthering the incipient partnership with both the church association and the Cartagena medical community.  Dr. Jim Canterato, has spent several very significant sessions at two of the hospitals with the residents and their attendings, including department and surgical chairs, teaching Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Blocks. They are very appreciative.  One of the doctors has invited the entire team to have dinner at their home on Friday night.

Jack and Lisa comprise our pediatric department.  Though children are great - - I once was one, there is a reason I am not a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, It’s this thing called patience.  I can’t express adequately my respect for the job Jack and Lisa are doing in handling the lion’s share of these kids.  Jack was sharing with me today some of the issues he has addressed with these little ones and their families.  The parents are very appreciative.

Clinic Day #2 is now archived.  About 275 were seen today.  Giovanni started the day with a devotional about respecting and loving God.  Also, it was good to see Edgar, one of the church association pastors who was with us last year.  He is a wonderful Colombian brother whose grounded, practical Christian walk is an example to us all. 


Optical again was very busy.  The team is doing a fantastic job amidst very hot humid conditions.  During a surgery today, my surgical loops (magnifiers) became so steamed that it was at times hard to see the surgical field.  It was a first for me.  Fortunately everything went well.  The team in those same conditions handed out scores of glasses after taking histories and performing refractions.  Again there were very many appreciative people.

Signing off until tomorrow.

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